These are my guideposts as a yoga teacher (and a human).

Respect a tradition dating back over 5000 years by committing to a life-long study of it’s historical & philosophical foundations. Respect the human body by studying and applying modern science to Asana practices. I hope that having the courage to show up wholeheartedly as a teacher will aid my students to do the same.

What do you value and how does that guide your path?

My Background & Teaching Philosophy.

500 Hour RYT With a Commitment to Life-Long Study

In short — my classes combine aspects of traditional yoga (pranayama, meditation, mudras etc.) with movement based on modern anatomical science.

Based on the system of Vinyasa Krama (aka intelligent sequencing) I focus on using various postural categories and their energetic qualities to help students feel the magic of yoga. I am not interested in making shapes without a purpose.

I want to help students gain control by giving up their grip.
Mobility > flexibility.
Meditation is yoga.

I am committed to a consistent and life-long study of yogic philosophy and modern movement science.

Practice With Me.

Currently subbing for various studios in NYC.

Park Slope Yoga

Vero Yoga


Accepting privates in New York City.

If you’re interested in…

Taking your personal practice to a deeper level.
Gaining better focus in your daily life.
Mental stability.
Better joint mobility (strength & flexibility).
Just beginning your path with yoga.
Diving into a deep study of yourself.
Forming new habits.
Finding patience.

Regardless of how long you’ve been practicing, private yoga sessions can help you get a better understanding of where you can help yourself in the long run.

Yoga in the Park

After teaching yoga classes in parks around the world for a year, I’m more than ready to host these classes at home.

[Next class — May 18th; Prospect Park — see Instagram for more info.]